Monday, January 25, 2021

How to display / delete VSTS Workspace through Visual Studio Command Prompt - Dynamics 365 FO


Since VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) has become an integral part for any kind of development and customization in D365 Fin Ops.

The Basic steps include configuring of Workspaces which requires mapping of the Metadata and Projects.

Sometimes through the UI of Visual Studio we face difficulties in VSTS workspace related activities such as display of all workspaces or deleting any workspace.

In most of the cases any user who tries creating a workspace with a specific naming convention gets an error "Workspace with the name "ABC" already exist" but if we check we cannot see the workspace because it might have been created by a different user

If we have proper administrative privileges we can display and remove it from Visual Studio Command Line Interface known as Visual Studio Command Prompt.

Just follow these simple steps : - 

1) Open Visual Studio Command Prompt as Administrator

2) To display the workspaces type the below command : - 

     TF workspaces /collection:"" /owner : *


     To delete a workspace type the below command : - 

     TF workspace /delete /collection: dev-vm-dev0;

   For anymore further queries please mention in the comments.

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