Thursday, September 2, 2021

How to enable Maintenance Mode in Tier 1 Environments / VMs in D365 FO

Maintenance mode is helpful for us in lot of scenarios where we need some environmental changes in our D365 Finance and Operations platform.

Any kind of change in Financial dimensions and configuration keys are only allowed if the environment is in Maintenance Mode.

In Tier2 or Sandbox environments we get this option very easily in the Maintain Menu in LCS

Environment Page but if the same activity needs to be done Tier 1 environments which we access through  RDP then there is a different approach altogether.

Let's take a look step by step : - 

1) Stop the following services : - 

    a) Microsoft Dynamics Batch Management Service

    b) Microsoft Dynamics Data Import and Export Service

    c) World Wide Web Service

2) In the environment open Sql Server Management Studio and sign in to Sql Server using axdbdmin login

3) Click on New Query option

4) Run the below SQL script : -



5) Once done turn on the services mentioned in Step 1

6) Now the environment should be in Maintenance Mode and you can perform various actions such as

       activate Financial Dimensions and Enable/Disable Configuration keys.

Once the work is done in the SQL statement in step 4 instead of SET VALUE = 1 make it 0 which will turn off the maintenance mode.

Note : - You might need to restart the environment if after the above steps the maintenance mode is not enabling or disabling.

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