Thursday, April 16, 2020

How to create and post Inventory Movement Journal through x++ in D365 FO

One of the most common requirements these days is to create Inventory Movement Journal through code. Mostly when the input is coming from another 3rd Party application.

Here is the code show below :-

       InventJournalTable              inventJournalTable;
       InventJournalTrans              inventJournalTrans;
       InventJournalNameId             inventJournalName;
       InventDim                            inventDim;
       JournalCheckPost               journalCheckPost;

       // Creation of Inventory Journal Header     


        inventJournalName =                                                                                                         InventJournalName::standardJournalName(InventJournalType::Movement);
        inventJournalTable.initFromInventJournalName(InventJournalName::find(inventJournalName ));



        //Creation of Inventory Journal Lines



        inventJournalTrans.TransDate = systemDateGet();

        inventJournalTrans.ItemId = “Product88987”;


        inventJournalTrans.Qty = 11;

        inventDim.InventSiteId  = 'A1';

        inventDim.InventLocationId = 'Loc1';

        inventDim.wMSLocationId = ‘WS1’;

        inventJournalTrans.InventDimId = inventDim::findOrCreate(inventDim).inventDimId;



        //Posting the journal

        journalCheckPost = InventJournalCheckPost::newPostJournal(inventJournalTable);;

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