Sunday, June 23, 2019

How to post multiple Free Text Invoices using x++ D365 FO

These days one of the most common requirements is to post multiple Customer Invoices in a single click.

Here is an example :-

[FormControlEventHandler(formControlStr(CustFreeInvoice, BulkPost), FormControlEventType::Clicked)]
public static void BulkPost_OnClicked(FormControl sender, FormControlEventArgs e)

    FormDataSource                fds;
    MultiSelectionHelper         selectionHelper = MultiSelectionHelper::construct();
    Set                                       selectedRecords = new Set(Types::Record);
    CustInvoiceTable                custInvoiceTable;
    CustPostInvoice                  custPostInvoice;
        fds = sender.formRun().dataSource('CustInvoiceTable');

        custInvoiceTable = fds.cursor();

        custInvoiceTable  = selectionHelper.getFirst();

        if (custInvoiceTable.RecId)
            while (custInvoiceTable)
                custPostInvoice = new CustPostInvoice(custInvoiceTable);
                custInvoiceTable = selectionHelper.getNext();


        Box::info('Invoice Posting Completed Successfully');


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